Maths Olympiad Competition Manual Book 3
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Maths Olympiad Competition Manual is a series of three books written by MSO Pte Ltd to introduce Mathematical Olympiad to young Mathematics enthusiasts and engage their interest at an early age. The ability to recognize patterns, make deductions through logical reasoning and have good number sense are some of the essential skills required for mathematical Olympiad competitions. Maths Olympiad Competition Manual Book 3 is designed for Primary 5 and 6 pupils and contains topics that help pupils develop their competency in tackling challenging and non-routine problems.

Each chapter begins with an Overview, followed by step by step worked Examples and tips to facilitate guided learning. In some examples, alternative methods and approaches in solving the questions are demonstrated. The Let’s Practise section provides a wide variety of non-routine problems to allow pupils to hone their problem solving skills. Step by step worked solutions are provided for thorough understanding. By going through the worked examples and practicing the various exercises, pupils would be adequately prepared and would feel more confident in tackling the challenging and non-routine problems in Mathematical Olympiad competitions.

Chapter 1 Problem Solving
Chapter 2 Rate and Proportion
Chapter 3 Speed
Chapter 4 Divisibility and Remainders
Chapter 5 Partial Fractions
Chapter 6 Permutations and Combinations
Chapter 7 Probability
Chapter 8 Making an Organised List
Chapter 9 Worst Case Scenario
Chapter 10 Circles
Chapter 11 Area and Perimeter
Chapter 12 Volume and Surface Area
Chapter 13 Angles
Chapter 14 Geometry